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IT Solutions

Structured Cabling

Whatever your business’s technology needs are, we can plan, design and install the right cabling solution to fit your needs. We offer solutions from the top cable manufacturers. Cat 3-6a and 10G copper, single and multi mode fiber optic cable, and coaxial copper, are a few of the cabling solutions we provide. Communications closet design; including all types of racks, patch panels, and cable tray. We also perform voice cross connects and 66/110 block terminations.

Network Hardware

The brain of your entire network lies in your network hardware. That’s why it is the most vital component of your entire IT system. It is important to have the correct hardware to ensure your network performs at its potential. Servers are the backbone of your business; we offer server installation as well as full system virtualization. Routers and switches link all your workstations together. With the ever evolving mobile world, Wireless Access Points give you the WIFI coverage throughout your office.


With today’s fast evolving technology, telephony is still a huge part of the way we communicate. We offer the traditional analog phone systems, as well as PBX systems. Over the past few years VoIP has been pushing the traditional POTS telephone out, Hosted VoIP has become very popular in the workplace. We offer Hosted VoIP as well as traditional VoIP and desktop VoIP equipment.


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